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AMMONITE COFFEE MARKET  空間デザイン/CI/ VI/什器デザイン/プロデュース

御茶ノ水にある自家焙煎珈琲みじんこの2号店「アンモナイト コーヒーマーケット」コーヒー豆の販売専門店。客席は絞り焙煎スペースを多めにとりたいとのご希望。「ラボ」らしさをより出すために石、木、鉄、コンクリート、水道管などを使用し、さっくりとした素材感を強調。奥行きが長く幅の狭い空間のため、エントランスのドアとカウンターを対角に配置し、視覚的錯覚を利用して窮屈さを感じないレイアウトにしています。エントランスファサードは表情のあるマチエールの特殊合金の板を使用。店内豆カウンターはオーナー様との試行錯誤によりステンレスボウルを使ったディスプレイに決定。店舗とラボを仕切るため店内門扉を設置。ロゴマークそのままのカタチで鍛金アーティスト堀井健次郎氏に、またカウンター前の世界地図はアーティストに中村圭氏に依頼しました。他、木工、鉄工職人含め、アルティザン&アーティストの共演となりました。

We would proudly present our past project we have done; the "Ammonites Coffee Market" which is run as the 2nd shop by the homemade roasting coffee shop called "Mijinko" in Ochanomizu, Tokyo.

We were requested to have enough space for the roasting tied and customer's seating area.
As to produce the concept "Laboratory" style, we have selected to use the materials of stone, wood, steel, concrete, and pipe to emphasis natural rough images.

Since the shape of space itself is having deep depth and narrow width, we have calculated location for the entrance door and counter to be installed diagonally so that will create wide visionary illusion and allow not to give a constrained layout.

The special alloy plate which creates enrich expression has been selected for front entrance facade.

Inside of the shop, struggle discussion with the shop client owner, the stainless bowl has been selected for the beans counter display as a result. 

By installing a door in between the area of cafe space and laboratory, the space has been clearly divided.

The gate shaped Ammonite logo has been created by the metal hammering artist, Mr. Kenjiro Horii and the world atlas art work in front of the counter was created by the artist, Mr. Kei Nakamura.

The other wooden work, steel work and etc. were also done by number of artisans and artists' collaborations.

 7-2-Hongou, bunkyou-ku,113-0033,Tokyo



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